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Fight for your life

In an universe where the best food in the world became a prize for a really weird championship, every living creature, and even some not so alive, are coming to fight for the world famous Fried Pigeon Chicken.

Anything goes to be the first to experience the most delicious chicken in the universe. Pushes, punches, dodges and lasers are just a few trick available to be the winner.

Happiness, anger, frustration and excitement are just some of the feelings that you will experience during this uncommon battle in pursuit of the long-awaited recipe created by Feathers in Oil restaurant.

Fight against your friends

A unique experience full of surprises!

  • Local-multiplayer up to 4 players;
  • Quick and exciting matches;
  • Destructible maps with MAANY lasers.

Free to play

Call your friends and join the party!


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Hit to Eat Windows 85 MB
Hit to Eat MacOS 89 MB


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To everybody that has been complaining about problems with the controls, please specify more what exactly the problems are, the controls aren’t responding correctly? Or are they not responding at all? Also due to the nature of this team setup, where everyone that is in “LabXP” are students from the Game Design and Digital Entertainment course from the same University, the team gets rotated a lot (from students dropping out to some of them finishing it) so right now no one from the original team that worked on this game is currently working with us (apart from the manager). We will see what we can do with any problems that appear in our games, but generally we try to maintain a flow of production to the next game so we can finish something for ourselves (the new team).

                Currently we are on a break that goes along with the mid-year break from class so we will only be back in the first or second week of August, so as long as we understand exactly what the problem is, we will see if we can do something about any bugs on this game once we get back to work, also as far as I know, if I’m not mistaken, this game can only be played with a controller. Thanks for the responses and for your patience guys! Even though I just launched this game I’m happy to see it getting some attention! Hopefully you will be hearing more from us. Sorry for the wall of text btw.

me to

Did the controlls get fixed yet?

I have some problems with the controls